Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's just Floor Candy

The deep voice of the man sounded out  from the doorway to the girl " go down to the docks and fetch some fresh fish girl. "  She did little more then  answer " Yes Sir." before she put down the washing  and headed down the cobble stone street to the docks. The stench of the sea air filled her lungs as she took measured steps  down the path of the busy streets  careful not to bump into any ' Free. '  He would not be pleased with her if she was mistaken for some she-urt lost and alone for the taking.  

And so the story  goes.. sorry I couldn't restrict the  urge to  toss  out a  small bit of role play there. But I do want to show off this Mix of Mesh and  system outfit still offered at Lubbly Jubblies  for a very  short time! .. The event will be closing and starting a new round soon so if you haven't gotten the chance  yet to take a look at this  outfit from Floor Candy  or any of the other  items on sale  take a  hop over and  check it out before its to late! ..

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Her (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar  logo for a teleport!) 

Hair: ICONIC-Rebel-Re-EXTRA-Remy-Essentials  no longer avaiable but do check the shop 
Skin: *League* Aria Golden 
Mesh Breast: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts  

Dress: Floor Candy "Raspberry"  outfit  @Lubbly Jubblies 5 sizes of mesh skirt and jacket  with system top and applier

Thanks to Leia  for letting me  slip into her world : ) 

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