Friday, October 2, 2015

Sneaks in while Yves isn't watching

Hey!! .. It's been a while hmm,  I couldn't let one of my favorite months in SL pass without telling you a few of the  great Events going on right now.  

I am soooo hyped to see Octoberville 2015 back on the grid!!! ( insert woops and holla's here )  Their back and better then ever.  This is a month long event where you hunt for clues to help the town of Octoberville.  Twists and turns, scares and tears, laughs and OMG moments are sure to be had. 

Check out the FB page  and main page here

Next we have another one of my fav's HavenHollow!! for the 3rd year they bring us the sleepy small town where you can trick or treat around town grabbing candy from each house. This year there is even a hayride.  Be warned! .. watch your selfs out in the woods....

havenhollow 2014 welcome

Havenhollow III *-*

New to me this year is The Prichard Project 2015

I can't wait to get to this Sim either! Looks to be an amazing month this Oct. 

" This year we are headed back to the states to a destitute factory town.  
Who knows what new horrors will visit our hunters there? 
Will you solve The Prichard Project murder? "
 source from group description

That's just a few of the Hauntings going on this month. If you look around the grid you should find haunted houses and hunts and more deadly spooky things to do! 
So grab a friend and have fun!

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