How To Fit Male MESH Feet

How to fit ISPACHI MESH Feet: 

First check which foot size you want to wear. With this product you have an amazing selection of 4 length and 4 breadth (fat) sizes. Wear the foot alpha and try them on. Once you decide on a pair, take the feet off again. Pick from the 8 ankle blender tattoo layers the one which fits your skin closest. Since any tint makes it darker, wear one which is a bit lighter than your skin if you can't get a perfect fit right away. Then right click on your avatar
  • select appearance, edit outfit, choose the ankle blender tattoo layer,
  • click on the colour/tint square, adjust the colour of the ankle blender to the colour of your skin by picking the right tint from the big colour palette [Hint: with a human skin you'll find the right tint somewhere on the (lower) left side] and
  • write down the numbers shown on the left for Red, Green,Blue (RGB). Click "ok" and close the two windows. (*)
  • Wear the HUD which comes with the package. Let it load!
  • Wear your mesh feet and select the skin tab. Click the skin preset corresponding to your ankle blender tattoo (count from left to right 1- 8, pick the same number as on the ankle blender tattoo layer to apply the same basic tone).
  • Click on the RGB button and a small window will open. You now have 30 seconds to type into it the RGB values you noted down earlier, separated by a comma (no spacing).
  • Click submit and you will see the tint you selected for your mesh feet appear on the HUD in a square left of the RGB button. Click that square to apply the tint to your mesh feet which will then turn the same colour as your ankle blender tattoo layer.
  • Click on one of the save colour squares to save your tint selection.
  • Click on the nails tab to select a toe nail colour/tinting. Choose one of the presets and take it from there.
  • Click on the tattoo tab if you want to add a tattoo to the upper side of one or both of your feet. There are 6 designs available which can also be mixed.

(*) Alternatively you could also identify the RGB values of your skin by using the “Show Colour Under Cursor” function in the Develop menu. From my experience this will drive you nuts since any point you target on your skin will most likely produce a somewhat different set of numbers and the result on the whole will often be unsatisfactory.

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