Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Swag Is (mostly) For Free ...

that is, once you look lower than the neckline, lol. Plus, I wanted to remind you that The Autumn Effect (TAE) still runs till October 15th, so be sure to collect all the free mesh goodies!

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Track Jacket: TAE Hunt #18 :: alterego :: 
Track Pants: TAE #13 Intrepid 

Hair: Amacci - Hair ~ Seth – Black Coal. 
Skin: Egoisme - Evian – Luca Dark/Bald with Chin Strap AddOn (New Release! Can be bought in a fatpack with VIVIDTONE option to colour the skin in an individual tone) 
Glasses: Swag Glasses Gold By Jamman (TSF Exclusive, SWAG Fest # 60!) 
Body Tattoo: TAE Hunt #89 {:ThirteenTH:} 
Leg Tattoo: TAE #15 Endless Pain Tattoos 
Shoes & Socks: TAE #34 Useful Things

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