Friday, June 26, 2015

The Boys Of Summer Once More

Here are some more exclusive items you can get only at The Boys Of Summer Event right now. The tank top and cargo shorts were designed by L&B and each come with a colour-change HUD. I showed you the tattoo from Endless Pain Tattoos before but it's worth a second look. 

My boots are not something you can find at this event, though, you have to hunt for them. MayCreations offers them as their prize in the current Biker Hunt. The set includes a regular mesh version and one for SLink feet. Not to be missed!

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

On Him (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store/event logo for a teleport!) 
Hair: Dura-Boy*45 (Coffee) 
Hairbase: [LANEVO] HAIRBASE – No.05 (Coffee). (New 35 Colours Pack!) 
Skin: TELLAQ - TREVOR AVATAR (New Release! Includes new and previous style skins with different facial hair styles, additional tattoo layers, shape & eyes. Comes with SLink Appliers!) 
Eyes: Banana Banshee - Fly me to the moon – Ice small (New Release!) 
Beard: Xplosion - Beard Tails (New Release!) 
Inks: Endless Pain Tattoos - Shogun V2 (Exclusive Item @The Boys Of Summer, June 13th - June 30th) 
Necklace: L&B - "Je Suis Charlie" Unisex Necklace (FREE Item) 
Tank Top: L&B S'wear - Men's Tank Top (Exclusive Item @ The Boys Of Summer, comes with a colour-change HUD and 3 different cuts: tucked, untucked and long) 
Pants: L&B S'wear - Men's Cargo Shorts (Exclusive Item @ The Boys Of Summer, come with a colour-change HUD and 2 basic designs: with or w/o white stripes at the side) 
Shoes: MayCreations - Hunter boots black grungy (L$1 Biker Hunt Prize. Includes a version for SLink feet. Find out from the board at the landing point what you are hunting for and click it for a hint in public chat! Good luck!)

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