Sunday, July 24, 2022

No Freeze For Ukraine!

As we can see, sanctioning Russia hasn’t worked! We only hurt ourselves and ruin our economy if we refuse to buy their gas and can’t get it elsewhere even at inflated prices. 

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Here’s what I'm wearing: 

Hair: Dura-B121(ALL COLORS PACK) (New @ Access!)

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BOM Head skin: Stray DogMarc (Lelutka) Tone 05

BOM Skin Body: Stray DogSignature Body Skin - Tone 05   

Mesh Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni BOM v1.1 .  

T-Shirt: flow . Justin T-Shirt Fatpack (New @ ALPHA!) 

Pants: A&D Clothing - Pants -Parker- FatPack (Latest Release!) 

Shoes: Millo Copperfield - Tananai flip flops (Latest Release!)

People want to keep their jobs and their companies producing, spend the cold winter nights in warm apartments with running water, hot food and no blackouts looming, so a change in politics is unavoidable! After all, we elect our leaders to serve our interests. And making sure we have enough gas, warm water and power is an important part of their job description! 

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Here’s what I'm wearing: 

Inks: Endless Pain Tattoos - Thorunn (New Release!)

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