Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freebie or Pay Item?

You've seen it lots of times with regular clothes: Different designers buy the same templates for pants, shirts or other apparel and retexture them. Then they sell them as cheap clothes or give them away as MM prizes, hunt items or group gifts.

The same is happening with basic mesh clothes. Different designers buy the same templates to experiment and see how their customers like them. So, today's choice is between a free mesh hoodie with pants (incl. prim cuffs) from Caster Inc via the MENstuff Lounge and the same basic hoodie plus pants (incl. prim cuffs) outfit newly released from :SZD: for 99 L$. 

Question: Is it worth to spend that extra money? 

The answer: It depends, since you get two very similar but still different products. For one, the texturing is always a matter of taste. Secondly, the alpha layer of the pay item (I used it on both pictures) works nicely with my mesh adjusted shape (belly and body fat = 0). The free alpha leaves holes at the wrists and I would have had to fiddle around with my arms, result unknown. Also, the pay item contains two hoodie sizes instead of just one, I wear the smaller one, plus it contains a prim belt buckle. With the free outfit comes a cap that I did not wear on the picture.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Left: MENstuff Lounge Gift from Caster Inc 
Right: :SZD: Erick (Mesh Man Outfit) 


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