Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Suburban Bliss

Every morning Mr. Smith leaves the house at 7 am to go to work at the local hospital. Today he's kind of worried though since he simply can't remember what happened at the office party the day before. But then he's one of those guys who'd forget their head if it wasn't sewn on … figures!

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Complete Avatar (except for skin & shape): ALB DREAM FASHION - HALLOWEEN 2012 full outfit FRANKIN (hunt prize, includes Mesh shirt and pants)

Unfortunately, this hunt is for group members only and the joining fee is quite high at the moment. On the bright side: You can still collect some of the old group gifts. The Halloween hunt itself runs till the end of the month and this year the men have to find 9 pumpkins around the store and the little town for the complete outfit! 

And not to forget: You can get this ALB SKELETONS & creepy dinner scene (Male/Female Skeleton Avatar, furniture, grave, trees and house included but not transferable) for just 200 L$, with your partner having to pay 100 L$ for his corresponding SKELETON AVATAR with hat and coat. Watch the bones drop and enjoy your meal!

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