Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gifts, Cheapies & Turtlenecks

Turtleneck sweaters are the latest rage in mesh clothes. *Soulglitter* released a set of two plain and four printed ones. I'm showing you my two favourite printed versions. Another of the printed ones, the "I❤ my girlfriend" Turtleneck, is a dollarbie but comes with a caveat emptor : The girlfriend is NOT included in this offer! LOL! 

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Turtleneck (left): *Soulglitter* Men's Turtleneck – Evil Ted (New Release! 6 Designs available. 10 L$ on SL Marketplace) 
Turtleneck (right): *Soulglitter* Men's Turtleneck – X-mas (10 L$ on SL Marketplace) 
Shoes: ALB Dream Fashion - ANGEL 22 christ 2012 boots 8 (Join LAMU Group and download from notices) 

Hair: MADesigns ~ LEWIS ~ Dark Brown (FROST Special! Multiple Colours available)
Skin: NIVARO - Emerson Skin – Spring tone. 
Bracelets: ALB Dream Fashion - ANGEL 20 christ 2012 FabCat jewels F & M (Join LAMU Group and download from notices) 
Finger Glove (left): [Zpr] - Arrows [free] 
Finger Glove (right): [Zpr] - Black~Red [free]

And this turtleneck sweater is for free: The new gift from ALB Dream Fashion. Enjoy!

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Turtleneck: ALB Dream Fashion - BEN outfit MEN (includes Jeans & Shoes)

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