Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet the Hybrid Male Mesh Avatar from YABUSAKA

YABUSAKA, known for his petite avatars, released his first Hybrid Male Mesh Avatar (HMA). It comes with 2 HUDs that let you choose between one of five eyebrow and beard styles as well as one of five mouth and eye positions (open, closed etc.). 

The Good: You get a complete avatar with a shape and a skin, a resizable but not modifiable mesh head, a selection of 3 mesh ears (elf, half elf, normal), 3 resizable mesh hand versions, mesh feet as well as tintable finger and toenails. You can leave the mesh feet away to wear shoes or just wear the mesh head depending on what outfit you want to put on. Since the head and the hands are resizable via the standard shape sliders, you can also use your regular shape and all of your mesh and system clothes will fit you. 

What is still missing: Unfortunately, right now there is just this one skin and head shape to choose from. The designer asked me to pass on the information that he is looking for more skin collaborators for his hybrid mesh avatar. Btw: Buyers of the HMA also get a Male Skin Applier/Making Kit so they can make and sell their own skins for this mesh avatar. Requirements: They need to know how to edit the skin texture of the HMA's head as its geometry is quite different from a regular SL avatar's head. 

The Not So Good: When wearing the HMA, trying to fit a hair would crash me instantly and I normally never crash. This made the fitting process kind of difficult since I had to take off the complete mesh avatar first before I could edit my hair. As mentioned in the review on the designer's SL Marketplace website others apparently have the same crash problem so it's to be hoped that a future update of the avatar may resolve this issue.

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Avatar: Yabusaka - Hybrid Male Mesh Avatar A. 
Hair: old non-mesh hair from my inventory
Tee: [M.o.w] Skate VNS (multiple designs available) 
Pants: [M.o.w] Action Capris Male - WHITE (New Release! 9 colours available)

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  1. Hi Yves. I have been crashing a lot when I try to edit or move things. Even simple things like 1 prim. This could be a problem related to the big SL viewer update that is coming soon. The one with new interface and SSB. I just wanted to say, I have crashed 3 times today on editing a very simple 1 prim shape on me. So this might be an SL issue.