Thursday, April 18, 2013

Night & Day

Showing you some releases from =Kokane=, B&G (Boys and Girls) and *Zanzo* that I got the last days.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

MESH (=> If no SLURL is linked, click on the sidebar store logo for a teleport!) 
Glasses (left): Kumaki - K_gs Leaf 
Shades (right): Kumaki - K_gs Tahua 
Blazer & Shirt (left): =Kokane= London Jacket (New Release! Colour changeable via HUD)
Pants left): =Kokane= London Pant (New Release! Colour changeable via HUD) 
Outfit (right): *Zanzo* Digital Native Tanks & Sandhurst Casual Shorts (Combo #1) (New Release! Multiple designs available)
Shoes (left): IMaGE Factory - Hi-Tops Black (includes rigged and non-rigged versions) 

Skin+Shape+Hair: REDGRAVE - CHRIS (Tan Skin Bundle & accessories. New Release! Each item can be bought separately!) 
Watch (right): B&G Reloj WH002 Sport - Negro/Acero (Shows SL time, not resizable!)
Shoes (right): B&G MAN SHOE AARON – NEGRO (Laces & sole colour changeable)

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