Sunday, June 2, 2013

Romantic Dinner For Two

Her: “You don't expect me to climb down this ladder do you?”

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Him: But Baby, no worries, I'll catch you if you fall.” 

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On Him (MESH) (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store logo for a teleport!) 
Cap: JfL Soft cap mesh hat 6 colors (New Release!) 
Outfit: : SZD : Reflection (New Release!) 
Shoes: IMaGE Factory Hi-Tops – Red 

Hairbase: Rams Tattoo Fire (Gift @ Summer Fashion Festival) 
Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Leonardo (New Release!) 
Inks: .:Boss Tattoo:. - Only God can judge me 
Necklace: {me.} Easy Necklace - UNISEX // Silver&Blue (old gift) 

Him: See, I told you I wouldn't let you get hurt. By the way, I already caught our dinner … behind me in the bucket. Just needs some cleaning!“ 
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Her: “You must be joking. You told me you owned a yacht and now you expect me to clean fish? What's with you promising me a nice dinner?“

Him: “Awwh baby, trust me, nothing tastes better like fresh fish in the right ambience. And it doesn't get fresher than this. Plus, there's some white wine left over from yesterday, too.“ 

On Her (MESH) (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store logo for a teleport!) 
Hair: Elikatira [e] Again - Essentials Collection 
Dress: Legal Insanity - coco tunic cherries 
Clutch & Shoes: {TARAshoes} KIM Shoes Nude.

Necklace: *** Just You Jewels *** My Rock NY (gift) 
Leggings: Q - Ombre Sheer Tights.

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