Saturday, November 30, 2013

Credit Cards On Fire

When Callie goes Xmas shopping that always leaves me time for a lot of ciggies (grins and takes a big puff). 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

On Him (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store/event logo for a teleport!) 
Hair & Hairbase: Unorthodox - Big Hair (New Release!) 
Skin: TELLAQ - JAMES – Style 2 (New Release!) 
Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Franz (New Release!) 
Smoke: [NikotiN] Cigarette_ Premium (New Release! Comes with an animation controlled via HUD covering the whole ciggie break: from opening the box (included), lighting the ciggie with a zippo (included) to smoking it, taking the cigarette from mouth to hand and back, exhaling the smoke in different ways, watching the ciggie get shorter and shorter to throwing it down and stomping it out. A must-have for every SL smoker!) 
Pants: Poison - Denim pants W-suspenders_mesh_male 

Car: [Michigans Shack] GTOOOO! Supersport Burn (@ Designer Warehouse, Current Round) 
Xmas Deco: Bumbershoot * Multiple Items (@ Designer Warehouse, Current Round)

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