Monday, December 9, 2013

New From Gabriel, *Chronokit* And JfL

Gabriel released cool Leather cover sunglasses for the Jewelry&Accessory Expo. They are available in 3 designs. Also new there and available in three corresponding designs: The Key Necklace and the Studded Gloves. To round things off, Gabriel offers their new Knit duffel coat @ TMD. 

*Chronokit* just released new rigged mesh boots in multiple designs which go well with their Painter Sarouel Pants. My new Kufi hat from JfL completes today's look!

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

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Hat: JfL - Kufi hat V.4 (New Release! 6 colours) 
Beard: Unorthodox. 
Skin: Mr.Bloch - Notorious Avatar (not wearing their shape on the picture)
Glasses: Gabriel ::GB::Leather cover sunglasses (New @ JEWELRY & ACCESSORY EXPO) 
Necklace:Gabriel ::GB:: Key Necklace Jewelry (New @ Jewelry&Accessory Expo) 
Coat: Gabriel ::GB:: Knit duffel coat / GRAY (left) and Blue (right) (5 colours available, (New @ TMD) 
Gloves: Gabriel ::GB:: Studded Gloves FAT PACK  (New @ Jewelry&Accessory Expo)
Pants: *chronokit* Painter Sarouel Pants Striped Black 
Shoes: *chronokit* Boots03 Black (New Release! Multiple designs available)

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