Friday, January 3, 2014

New From Redgrave & SF Design

For everyone into camo fatigues, Redgrave offers a cool new release with a lot of texture/colour options via HUD. Without a shirt it's maybe not the most appropriate look for winter, but it's warmer than usual over here and the next summer is sure to come, lol. Plus, I wear the new Snood and Beanie Set from sf design to keep me warm. Enjoy! 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

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Beanie & Scarf: sf design - mesh snood and beanie – mens (New Release! With colour-change HUD) 
Shades: Kumaki - K_gs CatzEyeR5 
Tattoo: [Ner .Ink] Lust (Latest Release!) 
Left Hand: STONE Baubles for Men - Patch Leather Wraps (New Release!) 
Pants & Boots: REDGRAVE - LQMesh Soldier Pants+Boots SET (New Release! With colour-change HUD) 

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