Saturday, February 9, 2019

Make Up Your Mind, Guys

Girl, you say I gotta walk your straight line (I gotta walk your straight line),
Hey, your mouth is talking clear out of rhyme (is talking clear out of of rhyme),
What, you say you wanna change it,
Take my life and rearrange it,
Open your eyes, I got a surprise, yeah
I am the Master of my Fate,
I am the Captain of my Soul,
I am the Master of my Fate,
You have to wait, I’m in control. 
From: The American Breed - Master Of My Fate, 1968 

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me
Long as you love me, it's all right
Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me
You got the power to turn on the light ...
From: The American Breed - Bend Me, Shape Me, 1968 

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That's old:
Mesh Head: CATWA - HEAD Daniel. 
Mesh Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni. 
Skin Applier Head + Body: *Birth* 'Dakota' Catwa Applier (Tone 03) 
Inks: Endless Pain Tattoos - Collections. 
Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Loos. 

Here's what's new: 
Hair: Dura-B89-FAT PACK A (FAT1&FAT6) [New @ TMD!] 
Beard: {FE STYLE} FACIAL HAIR V.54 CATWA/OMEGA (New Release!) 
Necklace: L&B Mesh Jewelry "Lover's" Unisex Necklace
Outfit (incl. Shoes): Graffitiwear - Entrenched (Fatpack with Colour-Change HUD, New Release)

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