Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome to my new Blog! It's all about MESH, guys!

Exciting things are going on at the moment. Yes, I'm talking about MESH and how it's slowly but surely starting to change the way we look at fashion in SL.

I used to be a big sceptic of MESH and the new viewer one needed to use to actually see it rez. I didn't want to completely "relearn" the software I had been using to play SL for more than 4 years and neither was I too keen on badly textured MESH clothes that would show holes all over my body if I didn't totally change my shape.

Since then the Phoenix developers have done a great job to make their old viewer MESH compatible, but what really did it for me was their latest Firestorm release. Arrow Inglewood, my co-blogger over at "Fashion + Freebies for Men", told me about the vintage skin I could use with it and after doing some minor modifications in the preferences section my  Firestorm viewer now looks almost the same as my trusted Phoenix used to to. Plus, I can finally wear multiple tattoo layers and alphas (a must for using MESH clothes).

I should add that buying a new desktop PC on top did a lot to improve my overall SL experience. I can now run my system at Ultra instead of only High and rarely get disconnected anymore.

Once the technical side was taken care of I concentrated on actually wearing more sophisticated MESH outfits. It turns out that some designers have realized that a one size fits all approach to MESH fashion won't work. People won't buy MESH clothes if they come with a badly made alpha and a one size layer only that forces them to completely change their shape. On the other hand we have designers like hoorenbeek who know that a freebie needs to be of the same quality as a pay item and who therefore include a plethora of wear options and 3 sizes (small, medium, large) with their Sweater w/Shirt SOM gift. Even though oversized avatars will still need to change some shape features like the amount of arm/leg muscles or body fat, well-made MESH clothes can then at least be worn by (almost) everyone. 

Ah yes, and one more thing: This is not a blog about MESH freebies but about regular MESH releases. Some might be a gift at a given moment, others might be on sale but I want to focus on the top tier items in this blog and these will normally be pay items. So, spend a little money on your new MESH wardrobe, guys, and give designers the incentive to produce more exciting apparel for us. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Sale @ hoorenbeek and Gabriel!

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Marq (new Mesh release)

Sweater: hoorenbeek - [ h ] Sweater w/Shirt - Mesh - Brown/White (SOM Gift) 

Bracelet: Gabriel ::GB::orion hand belt SET (group gift) 

Pants: sf design - male mesh pants - white 

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