Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dressing Epic (Part Three)

Having told you so much about the new releases @ EPICOSITY it's about time I showed you some of their older designs today. As usual, they are available in multiple colours. The t-shirt which comes with the layered vest can be colour changed via a pop-up menu. Just click anywhere on the vest to activate it. 

Plus, you will see the slip-ons you can win by participating in their current In Store Hunt. This hunt will continue for another week. 

For male skins, I use two of the five beard versions coming with the latest Redgrave release: Tyler. 

Vampires taking a Moonbath in fashionable, {EPIC} apparel!
( => click picture to enlarge !) 

MESH Both 
Sunglasses: REDGRAVE - NEO / V1.1

{EPIC} Side Fold Jacket
{EPIC} Legit Pants - Gray
{EPIC} Slip-Ons - Checked Pair black/red (In Store Hunt Prize) 

MESH Right
{EPIC} Layered Vest - Black - Earth
{EPIC} Chino Shorts - Blue Plaid
{EPIC} Slip-Ons - Checked Pair b/w (In Store Hunt Prize)

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Steve Hair # 4 (New Release! 50 % off for Group Members! Attention: Hair includes a pony tail!)
Skin: REDGRAVE - TYLER - Tan / Bundle (New Release!) 
Shape (modified by me): REDGRAVE – TYLER (New Release! Can be bought separately to complete your look! Attention: I modified the shape not only to fit my new mesh clothes but also to give the face a personal touch.)

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