Saturday, July 14, 2012


At the mention of Mesh avatars one tends to think of cute little petites but there's quite different guys around, also. Let me introduce you to Steve, a hunky, muscular Mesh avatar created in a joint effort by Ry0ta Exonar, owner of Prodigal skins, and Miro Collas, owner of Animations Rising.

And this is how it works: You need two parts to make Steve complete. First you buy the basic Mesh avatar and shape. Steve is one of three designs available. This package comes with a control HUD to turn the lower body, upper body or head invisible. [This option is important if you want to use clothes with your Mesh avatar and wear for instance a Mesh pants like I do on the picture. How to wear standard layered clothing is described in detail in the notecard you get with your Demo version so I will skip it here.] 

Then, you buy a skin or skin bundle that you want to use with your Mesh avatar. There's again three designs to choose from. That package includes the corresponding skin HUD that you wear and click to transfer the skin from your inventory onto your Mesh avatar. The same way you change between different beard styles if you decide to buy a skin bundle. Wear the new skin HUD, click and your beard has either grown, been reduced or has disappeared.

Steve has a very muscular shape but you can wear your own shape, too. Most sliders won't effect the way your Mesh avatar looks, though, but you can change a few details like the size of your avatar, the position of the eyes (important to fit your prim or mesh eyes), the size and length of your neck and the hip width. So, on the first picture I wear my own shape with the Steve Mesha avatar plus a pair of Mesh pants from BLM as well as a newly released hair from Alli&Ali Designs.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Shape: L'Uomo - "Steve" Mesh Avatar 
Skin: L'Uomo - skin+skin texture HUD - Kai fair bundle 
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (London Fog, Free Wearable Colour Demo) 
Pants: BLM - MESH - Men's Jeans – Black (you need a high rise mesh jeans like this one to fit the HUD alpha) 
Shoes: ..:: Energie ::. - ALL STAR Jake Chucks (colour changeable) 

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Owen Hair # 1 (Special offer for Alli&Ali group members: buy this new release for 50% off!) 

And here you see Steve like those two guys created him and me trying to be as PG about it as possible, lol. 

( => click picture to enlarge !)

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