Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Casual Blazers & Chinos @ EPICOSITY

It is again an epic release that EPICOSITY offers to its customers: Both, Chinos and closed blazers, come in 9 different colours. The blazers include a wear-alone and a wear-with-shirt option. The shirts can be retextured via pop-up menu to any of 15 colours. This makes for an amazing 9x9x15=1,215 different colour combinations if you buy their Pudgy Packs (= fat packs).

On the picture I show you two colour versions of the pants and blazers-with-shirt options (left & right) and one with the wear-alone blazer in combination with a t-shirt and glasses from LikeA (center) from my inventory.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Worn on the left:
EPICOSITY - {EPIC} Casual Blazer - Olive
EPICOSITY - {EPIC} Casual Chino - Gray

Worn in the middle:
EPICOSITY – {EPIC} Casual Blazer - Slate
EPICOSITY - {EPIC} Casual Chino - Chocolate

Worn on the right:
EPICOSITY – {EPIC} Casual Blazer - Oxblood
EPICOSITY – {EPIC} Casual Chino - Khaki

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