Friday, August 24, 2012

Where's The Fish?

+grasp+ released their new “Loose style shirts” in 7 colours/designs. The t-shirt offers a choice of 6 colours/designs. The casual off-the-shoulder look fits nicely with the “Cargo sarrouel shorts” +grasp+ released a short while ago.

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MESH (click here for your taxi to +grasp+) 
Shirt/T-Shirt Combination (top): +grasp+/Loose style shirts(Mesh)/Denim_White Shirt/T-Shirt Combination (below): +grasp+/Loose style shirts(Mesh)/Denim_Black 
Pants: +grasp+/Cargo sarrouel shorts(mesh)/MonogramGray/Mens (7 more designs available, can be worn with and without suspenders)

Hair: *Dura Boys&Girls*34 Dark Brown (New Release!) 
Skin: Egoisme - Evian - Davide Tan (Can be bought in a fatpack with VIVIDTONE option to colour the skin in an individual tone)

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

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