Sunday, September 2, 2012

MENstuff Hunt: The Last Day

Definitely a last call to go get the stuff you are still missing. Time runs out SEPT 3rd 11:59 PM SLT if my information is correct (I couldn't find this important date on their website though and in the group chat right now no moderator was present to confirm it)

So, here are some more mesh goodies for you:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Jacket & Tee (left): Menstuff Hunt Gift #68 !HaVoK!
Pants & Belt (left): Menstuff Hunt Gift #145 Benjaminz (comes with a t-shirt)
T-Shirt & Cargo Shorts (right): Menstuff Hunt Gift #105 UnderDogs
Tank (Bottom Picture): Menstuff Hunt Gift #148 SIOPA

Necklace & Ring (Bottom Picture):Menstuff Hunt Gift #83 Cyber Gem Jewelry
Tattoo (Bottom Picture): Menstuff Hunt Gift #25 B*FLY Tattoos
 ( => click picture to enlarge !)

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