Friday, September 7, 2012

New Gabriel Suits for the Weekend in the Country

I reached Cap Estel at 3 pm on this warm late summer afternoon. And since there was still quite a walk ahead of me before I would reach my lodging ...

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I decided to take a shortcut through the fields.

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When I finally arrived, I wasn't surprised to see that Tyler had taken the easy way out by driving up here on his Vespa. But what I hadn't expected to see was him wearing the same suit as me – just in a different colour. Wouldn't have thought his taste was as good as mine, lol.

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Entering the lobby of the hotel I couldn't believe my eyes: Damian was lounging, fully stretched out, on the sofa and … no, I'm not talking about him still having his shoes on … also wearing my suit! Gosh, fortunately again in a different colour than mine, happy Gabriel released five of them.

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Glasses on Damian: Kumaki - K_gs Jett 1.00 (New Release @ The Men's Dept!)
Bag on Yves: +grasp+ Patch Leather bag (Group Gift) 
Suit, Tank, Belt* & Driving Shoes on Yves: Gabriel ::GB::Rollup casual suit BLUE 
Suit, Tank, Belt* & Driving Shoes on Tyler: Gabriel ::GB::Rollup casual suit Light Charcoal 
Suit, Belt* & Driving Shoes on Damian: Gabriel ::GB::Rollup casual suit Ivory 
(*) the Belt is colour changeable

Shirt on Tyler: REDGRAVE - [*RG*] Classic Business-Shirt --Blue-- (available in 7 colours)

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