Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Corduroy Pants From [ hoorenbeek ]

[ hoorenbeek ] just released a series of very realistically textured Mesh Corduroy Pants. As always, there are 6 colours to choose from and two of those I also own in real life, lol. Anyway, I combined them with some other mesh clothes from this designer (except for the shoes on the left and the right picture) for three different looks to show you how versatile they are. 

Btw: The Boots on the left were just released by Swaggy and come in a pack with 3 other colour versions: black, black/white sole and brown/white sole.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

[ hoorenbeek ] Leather Jacket - Mesh – Burgundy 
[ hoorenbeek ] Sweater w/Shirt - Mesh – Brown/White (SOM Gift) 
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Corduroy Pants – Beige (New Release!) 
Swaggy - Mesh Leather Boots Pack (New Release!) 

[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Vest - Navy Blue (8 shirt and 9 tie colours via HUD) 
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Corduroy Pants – Grey (New Release!) 
[ hoorenbeek ] Yorkshire Shoes – Black (non-mesh) 

[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Leather Blazer – Brown 
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Wool Turtleneck – Brown 
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Corduroy Pants – Habano (New Release!) 
Gabriel - ::GB::Male Dress shoes (Brown) (group gift, non-mesh)

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