Monday, May 12, 2014

Gabriel @ TMD

Lately, Gabriel has become a regular participant at @ The Men's Dept. (TMD) sales event. This session they offer us a new series of shirts, pants, and sneakers. The pants are the destroyed kind and include a gimmick: They do not show your real leg through the holes, so you have to use a HUD to colour the skin part, but you can decide whether you want to show a bleeding knee or a band-aid on your knee or a healthy knee. 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

On Him (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store/event logo for a teleport!) 
Hair: *Dura-Boy*46 (Black). 
Hairbase: [LANEVO] HAIRBASE – No.02 (long) (Dura Black) 
Skin: Mr.BlochSkin Tone 04 *YORK 2.0* (New Release, comes with SLink appliers) 
Necklace: **Feel** - Men's Long Sword (New Release!) 
Shirt (center): Gabriel ::GB::Open shirt / Stripe (New @ TMD, 5 designs available) 
Shirt (right): Gabriel ::GB::Open shirt / Geometry (New @ TMD) 
Pants (left): Gabriel ::GB::Damaged sagging pants /Black - paint (New @ TMD, 4 designs available) 
Pants (center): Gabriel ::GB::Damaged sagging pants / Light Indigo (New @ TMD) 
Shoes (left): Gabriel ::GB::Sneakers Blue (New @ TMD, 3 designs available) 
Shoes (center): Gabriel ::GB::Sneakers Black (New @ TMD)

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