Saturday, May 31, 2014

Revisiting Kauna

Nothing like a pair of sturdy boots to take a walk in the countryside and a well-made briar pipe to keep you company. 

Showing you some added colours of Kauna's latest “XIV Suit with Breeks Series” and a pair of the new Roughneck 2.0 Boots from Deco. The skin is the new Tellaq release called XALBADOR and the Asymmetrical Fedora hat comes courtesy of JfL.

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On Him (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store/event logo for a teleport!) 
Hat: JfL - Asymmetrical Fedora – olive (New Release! 5 colours available) 
Skin & Hairbase: TELLAQ - XALBADOR AVATAR (New Release!) 
Pipe: Kauna - Pipe Gacha: Poker [COMMON] (New Pipe Gacha Release! 7 types available = 5 common + 2 rare) 
Jacket: Kauna - XIV: Tweed Twill Brown. 
Elbow Pads: Kauna - XIV: Browns - Coco 
Shirt: Kauna - XIV: Fish Cornflower 
Bowtie & Handkerchief: Kauna - XIV: Fish Grey 
Waistcoat: Kauna - XIV: Plaid Earth (New Release!) 
Pants: Kauna - XIV Breeks: Plaid Earth (New Release!) 
Socks: Kauna - XIV Breeks Socks: Plain Green 
Shoes: DECO - Roughneck 2.0 Boots (oiled) (New Release! 3 designs available, include a sock add-on)

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