Friday, November 9, 2012

Back To The Future with L'Uomo

You may remember when I first blogged the new mesh avatars L'Uomo had released and today's post again may read a bit like a tutorial.

At the time one couldn't do much more with the new mesh avatars than run around naked as there were no special clothes available for them. Rigged mesh wouldn't attach correctly and neither the old layered clothes.

The only solution for visiting Moderate and PG Sims was not using the “Hide All” alpha from the mesh avatar package but one of the “Hide Upper only” alphas instead. Then, by clicking the lower half of the mesh avatar invisible on the Avatar Control HUD one could make the regular avatar legs reappear. This way, one could wear regular layered or even mesh pants but would not have the well-defined leg muscles and firm, toned butt anymore – for many customers one of the main reasons to buy this type of mesh avatar in the first place.

The situation has improved since then as a few designers have started making special clothes for this new type of avatar. And, it's a back to the future experience dressing one's new mesh avatar since the new apparel consists of ...
  1. a special layer of clothing (pants, shirt, suit) which comes in 6 different versions matched to each of the now 6 basic L'Uomo mesh avatar shapes and is worn like a mesh item without alpha,
  2. old style prim parts (sculpties) for collars, shirt cuffs, bulges, pants cuffs etc. that need the usual amount of fitting I thought was long behind me, lol.
( => click picture to enlarge !)

Avatar (left): L'Uomo/Animations Rising - "Bruce" Mesh Avatar V2 (read my first post on how Avatar package & Skin package work together) 
Avatar (right): L'Uomo/Animations Rising - "Steve" Mesh Avatar V2. 

Hair: REDGRAVE - Hairstyle CRUZ – BLACK. 
Skin (left): L'Uomo/Prodigal - skin+skin texture HUD - Kai_dark_buzz_stubble (read my first post on how Avatar package & Skin package work together) 
Skin (right): L'Uomo/Prodigal - skin+skin texture HUD - Kai_fair_buzz_stubble.
Necklace (right): KOSH - COPECK NECKLACE [silver] (3 designs available) 
Shorts (left): SJ ThursdayAthletic Shorts (Bruce) with Bulge.
Pants (right): Georgette - [G] Tattered Jeans Black (multiple colours available)
Sandals (right): Omega Man - Sandals.

One thing I didn't realize at the time of writing my first post was that the same way one can make the regular avatar's legs reappear to wear existing pants from one's inventory, one can also make his head reappear. Guess I should have read the notecard, lol. 
In other words: You can decide to use your new mesh avatar body with your regular avatar's head/face. This was great news to me, since being able to keep my looks above the neckline makes me way more comfortable with my new mesh avatar body below.

And this is how it works:
  1. Wear your regular shape with the mesh avatar body you need. There are four body versions included in the updated V2 packages: with and w/o feet (to wear with standard mesh feet) and with bigger or smaller nipples.
  2. Wear the same skin you put on your mesh avatar's body. It comes with the skin package you bought (read my first post for more details).
  3. Use the “Hide Upper/Lower - Show head” instead of the “Hide All” alpha. It's supplied with the avatar package. (Use the “Hide Upper - Show head” alpha if you want to wear your old layered or new mesh pants. See above for more details!)
  4. Wear your mesh avatar control HUD and click on the head of the body pictogram: Your normal head will show. (As mentioned above: Clicking the legs invisible on the pictogram - while wearing the correct alpha - will also make your regular legs reappear.)
  5. To make your regular head and mesh avatar body (or regular head, mesh avatar torso and regular legs) blend nicely into each other you now possibly have to change some settings of your shape. To fit the head, you only have to turn the slider for Body Fat to zero. You may want to increase the Head Size and the Neck Thickness, though, to achieve a more balanced look. 
    To blend the regular legs with the mesh avatar torso, the individual slider settings for the Belly Size depend on which of the 6 mesh avatars you have bought. 
    Two examples: The less muscular Steve needs a Belly Size setting of zero, the very muscular Bruce a setting of 20 instead. Obviously, that makes it far more difficult (if not impossible) to wear your new mesh pants with a Bruce mesh avatar and very easy if you own a Steve mesh avatar. Again, you may want to change some other settings to achieve a more balanced look. (These will work for regular layered pants, for mesh pants you'll need different ones.) For Steve I chose Leg Muscles = 80, Butt Size = 70 and Package = 85. For Bruce the corresponding values are Leg Muscles = 100, Butt Size = 90, Package = 100
( => click picture to enlarge !)

Avatar (left): L'Uomo/Animations Rising - "Bruce" Mesh Avatar V2 
Avatar (right): L'Uomo/Animations Rising - "Steve" Mesh Avatar V2 (Wearing my own regular avatar head here!!) 
Shades (left): Kumaki - K_gs CatzEyeR5

Hair (left): REDGRAVE - Hairstyle CRUZ – BLACK
Hair (right): *Dura Boys&Girls*34 Black
Skin (left): L'Uomo/Prodigal - skin+skin texture HUD - Kai_dark_buzz_stubble. 
Skin (right): L'Uomo/Prodigal - skin+skin texture HUD - Kai_fair_buzz_stubble
Necklace (right): KOSH - COPECK NECKLACE [silver] (3 designs available) 
Suit & Shoes (left): Omega Man - Dress Suit
Shirt (right): Omega Man - Open Shirt-Plaid-RedBlack
Pants (right): Omega Man - ST-Jeans-BlackWorn.

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