Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New @ The Men's Dept.

The current event runs till November 30th! Showing you a few highlights. Enjoy!

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MESH (click here for your taxi to The Men's Dept.) 
Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs dub (The Men's Dept. Special) 
Jacket & Sweater: !gO! - Mads Jacket (The Men's Dept. Special) 
Pants: !gO! - Mads Pants (3 Designs for the Kilt available! The Men's Dept. Special) 

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&ASeth Hair Gold Brown (This Weeks' Group Gift) 
Skin: TELLAQ - Eugene Skin Tone 2 Style 4 (2 Skin Tones/17 Beard Styles each with and w/o chest hair available) 
Jewelry: KOSH - ADAIN NECKLACES & RINGS (5 colours/materials available! The Men's Dept. Special) 
Shoes: ..:: Energie ::. ALL STAR Vintage 1 Chucks (colour changeable)

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