Saturday, November 17, 2012

Revisiting *Connors*

As I went through my blog and inventory today I realized, I hadn't done justice yet to the big jeans release from *Connors* a few weeks ago.

This product, simply called “Standard Jeans”, consists of 3 differently cut jeans:
  1. Lowrise Jeans with Slim Legs
  2. Lowrise Jeans with Loose Legs
  3. Lowrise Jeans with Loose, Rolled-Up Legs.
They come in 7 different colours - 5 sizes and 2 versions each: With or w/o a patch on the left leg. To complement these jeans, *Connors* released 

- 2 new series of rigged mesh belts & belt buckles and 
- 1 series of belt buckles only that is sold separately to be combined with any of the belts.

All belts and buckles sets include a brass and a silver version each.

I'm also showing you some of the new clogs *Connors* released a few days ago. The suede version is available in 4 colours, the vintage one in 6 colours. Each colour set includes the clogs with 5 different socks and one version without socks.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

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Glasses (left): Kumaki - K_gs Teod 
Shirt (left): *chronokit* Shirts 03 Aloha Hibiscus Blue (9 designs available)
Pants (left): *Connors* JEANS Slim & Lowrise (Iron Blue) 
Pants (right): *Connors* JEANS Loose & Lowrise (Burnt Sienna) 
Belt (left): *Connors* LEATHER BELT Chocolat /Db_H (includes a standard buckle)
Belt Buckle (left): *Connors* BUCKLE VI (sold separately) 
Belt & Buckle Set (right): *Connors* LEATHER BELT Chianti /Db_H 
Shoes (left): *Connors* CLOGS Cocoa Suede (brown) [4 Suede colours available] 
Shoes (right): *Connors* CLOGS Vintage (Red) [6 Vintage colours available]

Scarf (left): ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Wide Scarf (Free Gift, colour changeable)

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Belt: *Connors* LEATHER BELT Antique Green /Sn_H (includes a standard buckle) 
Belt Buckle: *Connors* BUCKLE llI (sold separately) 
Pants: *Connors* JEANS Roll up & Lowrise (Leaf Green) 
Shoes: *Connors* CLOGS Vintage (Natural) [6 Vintage colours available]

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