Tuesday, February 19, 2013

49L Sale For Dudes, Round # 9

Here are three of the tops you can get during this sales event which still runs for about a week.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Tank Top (left): American Bazaar - [AB] MESH Bad Tank Mic (49L Sale For Dudes) 
Polo Shirt (center): =Razorblade Jacket= Knitted Stripe Polo/// Blue (49L Sale For Dudes, 9 colours available) 
Tee (right): ::JLB:: Apparel - Alexander Wang T-Shirt (49L Sale For Dudes, 2 colours available) 
Pants: Kracker ~ Kody Jeans ~ Blue (6 designs available, 60 L$ each – sale has been prolonged!) 
Shoes: Swaggy - Mesh Sneakers Pack. 

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*36 Black. 

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