Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't Miss Out On The Goodies!

Lots of hunts wrapping up on the 28th like the Jack Or Jill Hunt (JOJ). [Click here for

Here are some hunt items we haven't shown you yet on the blogs plus new group gifts and some other stuff. Enjoy!

Sleeping Man Standing!
( => click picture to enlarge !) 

MESH (=> If no SLURL is linked, click on the sidebar store logo for a teleport!) 
Range Vest: LAVAROCK CREATIONS - red skull hooded vest male (Group Gift) 
Pants: [dirty.little.secret] :: SSW Mens Scrunchy Jeans :: (New Release!) 

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Ingo Hair Creme blonde (this week's group gift) 
Skin + Shape: Oceane ~ Male skin Devlin Light - Shaven (Items must be bought separately!) 
Beard: [FAKE] :: Full Beard/Blonde. 
Bracelet: Phoebe - 10 L$ PROMO *P* ~Leath Braz - Red Stars~ ( Ends: March 13th) 
Tattoo: JOJ Male #20 Vestigium (for teleport see link above) 
Shoes: JOJ Male #27 Loordes of London 
Log Cabin: JOJ Male #39 Grumble

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