Monday, February 18, 2013

New from [M.o.w] and Oceane

I first came across [M.o.w] at the end of a hunt some weeks ago but it was too late to blog their gift. Since then I have been invited to join their blogger group and received a big package of releases that I will show you in upcoming posts.

Let me start with a look at their latest release, a new series of jeans, which I combined with one of their KitK Jackets. On the second picture left I also use one of their cargo jeans. 

Oceane Body Design, long-time female skin maker, has started to create male skins too. Their firstborn “Devlin” sports very defined muscles (pectorals) which makes for a distinctive look, especially if you wear this skin together with one of the 4 shapes available for sale separately. The skin is available in 6 skin tones with 18 beard styles each. The individual packages contain 2 skins of the chosen tone/beard style, one with and one without chest hair. They also include a pair of misty blue system eyes and several tattoo layers (brow art light, tintable hairbase brown + dark brown, male eyeliner, tan booster), none of which I used for the pictures.

Currently, there's the “Happy Heart Hunt“ going on at the store where you can win a skin, shape and eyes. It's for group members only and there is a group joining fee to be paid. Click here for more details! 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Jacket: [M.o.w] Camel Check KitK Jacket (11 designs available) 
Pants (incl. Belt): [M.o.w] Utopia M Jeans -GREY- (New Release! 7 colours available) 
Shoes: .Cutz. Cut it Out Boots Brown.  

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Kaynes Hair Dark Honey (new Group Gift) 
Skin + Shape: Oceane ~ Male skin Devlin Light - Shaven (New Release! Items must be bought separately!) 
Hypnotic, Spinning Eyes (with HUD): JOJ Male #42 Birth 
Jewelry: CHOP ZUEY - Kingdom of Sky Gld/Slv Mens Set (Group Gift) 

And here is a picture (left) of the Jay skin from Oceane Body Design that you can win in the hunt. On the right I use a Devlin skin with chest hair and beard.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Pants (left): [M.o.w] Dot Blue Cargo Jeans (11 designs available) 

Hair (left): Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Luthian Hair Dark Brown (free on SL Marketplace) 
Skin + Shape (right): Oceane ~ Male skin Devlin Light - Chinstrap II (New Release! Items must be bought separately!) 
Skin (left): Oceane ~Jay male skin for Valentine (Happy Heart Hunt Prize) 
Shape (left): Oceane ~ Jay shape (Happy Heart Hunt Prize) 
Eyes (left): Oceane ~ Male Eyes Misty Blue (Happy Heart Hunt Prize) 
Bracelets (left): Phoebe - 55L$ PROMO *P* Men Bracelets ~ Evan ~ Resize & 5 Cord Colors 1 @ Acid Lily Gallery, February 17-24)

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